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Protek Motorized Hand Diaphragm Pump Model HP700E & HP700G

Protek Motorized  Hand Diaphragm  Pump Model HP700E & HP700G

Extremely compact, portable and rugged, motorized self priming, diaphragm pumps. They can run dry without damage to pump seal. Will pass whatever solids can pass through the suction and discharges hoses.

Capacities in GPM at 60 Strokes/ Minute
Suction Lift Discharge Head
0' 5' 10' 15' 20'
5' 26 24 22 19 20
10' 23 22 20 18 17
15' 20 19 18 17 16
20' 19 18 16 14 13


Applications: Wash down of the equipment; de-watering small excavations. transferring water; priming large centrifugal pumps; pumping out basements and sumps; bilge pumping from onboard or from dock. Construction: Cast aluminum body and molded rubber diaphragm and valve. Tips and Recommendations: For longer lasting diaphragms and valves, flush the pump with several gallons of water after each use, especially after jobs dealing with corrosive chemicals. Replace the diaphragms and valves that show signs of wear, cracking, or corrosion. Solid Handling Capacity: Will pump anything that will pass through the hose. Connections: 2" FNPT

Will Ship Via Truck Line To A Commercial Address. See Requirements
Residential Deliveries Incur Additional Charges. See Below
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it means that your order has exceeded the 150 lb. and shipping
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