WellMate Fiberglass 20 Gallon Bladder Tank WM6

WellMate Fiberglass 20 Gallon Bladder Tank WM6 (C)
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    Description: The WellMate WM-6 is a rustproof pressure tank that is made with a blow molded, fiberglass wrapped, seamless construction. They won't rust, dent, or come apart at the seams, and a rugged base is included. Volume: 20 Gallons. Equivalent in drawdown to a 42 gallon galvanized atmospheric tank. Drawdown: 6.7 Diaphragm: Made of heavy-gauge polyurethane (Separates air and water). Air connection: Standard tire valve. Precharge: 24 PSI Maximum operating pressure: 100 PSI Maximum temperature: 120 degrees Fahrenheit Connection: 1" MNPT (Male pipe thread) Carton dimension: 36" H X 20" W X 20" L Weight: 20 lbs. Warranty: Factory 5 years warranty period for potable water residential installations and 2 years for non-residential installations.

• Pressure Tanks Technical

Wellmate Pressure Tank WM6
Drawdown In Gallons At Various Pressure Ranges
Tank Drawdown In Gallons Pressure Range (PSI)
6.7 20/40
5.94 30/50
5.10 40/60
4.55 50/70
4.16 60/80
3.37 80/100
2.97 100/120

WellMate Tanks Quick Connect Bulletin
WellMate Tanks Installation Manual
WellMate Tanks Limited Warranty Statement
WellMate Tanks Cross Reference Chart
Drawdown or Acceptance Factor Table

Hydropneumatic Jet System 1 to 1-1/2 Bathroom 1/2 HP

System components specifically pre-selected to meet a typical seven minute peak demand based on a 1 to 1-1/2 bathroom home when pumping from 15' suction lift with a 30-50 PSI working pressure, 1/2 HP 115/230 Volts Goulds .

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Questions & Answers

What is tank drawdown?
Drawdown refers to the amount of water that evacuates the tank before the pressure switch will activate the pump. Drawdown is a affected by the pump, the size of the tank and the pressure settings that govern your water system.
What is the warranty on WellMate tanks?
All WM WellMate tanks carry a five year limited factory warranty for potable water residential installations and 2 years for non-residential installations.
Does the warranty cover labor?
No, unfortunately there are number of factors that can contribute to a failed tank and the only factor that WellMate can insure is the tank.
How does a pressure switch control the pump and tank?
The pressure switch communicates with the tank and the pump. The pressure switch monitors the pressure inside the tank and activates and de-activates the pump when cut-in and cut-out pressures are reached inside the tank.
How much pre-charge should I have in my WellMate tank?
Your tanks should be pressurized to 4 PSIG less than the cut-in pressure setting (for example, if your pressure settings are 30/50, then you cut-in pressure setting is 30 PSIG and your tank should have a 26 PSIG pre-charge).
How do you check or change the air cell pressure?
To check the pressure in the air cell, the power supply to the well pump must be turned off and the water must be drained from the pressure tank.. With the pump turned off and the water drained from the pressure tank a standard tire gauge can be used on the valve stem at the top of the tank. The pressure in the air cell should be 4 psi lower than the pump cut-in pressure.

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