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CTS Fabrication Factory Literature

CTS Fabrication Factory LiteratureThe system has many advantages:

The cost of installing the CTS Copper Companion Flange is much lower. The brazing time required to complete a satisfactory joint between the Copper Companion Flange and the tube is up to 20% less than the brazing time required to attach a bronze flange.

The time needed to align the bronze flange with its opposing fitting is eliminated totally.

The fully floating CTS steel backing flange can be rotated freely around the joint to match a fixed flange on installed equipment without using force. The CTS Copper Companion Flange functional efficiency is enhanced by features such as automatic central positioning of the flange due to the unique design of the neoprene insulator, which ensures a positive seal.

This product eliminates the requirement for bolt installation kits needed to prevent electrolysis between companion flanges and associated steel or iron valves and equipment.

The product is also available for copper roll groove applications. Dramatic time savings with preheating and cool down time reduced

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