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CTS Fabricators Flange Installation Information

CTS Fabrication Flange Installation Information

Instead of having to install a brass companion flange that requires careful alignment of bolt holes during brazing, the CTS Copper Companion Flange uses a copper fitting brazed/soldered directly to the copper tube, backed by a fully floating powder coated steel flange fitted with a neoprene insulator. The integral insulator allows the CTS flange to offer 100% protection against electrolysis.

Installation Procedure

  1. Place CTS FLANGE over tube
  2. Attach CTS FLANGE adapter
  3. Braze / Solder CTS FLANGE adapter
  4. Install gasket between adapter and equipment. Rotate CTS FLANGE to align bolt holes and tighten
Note: The steel flange should be 15" from the heat source to eliminate any chance of burning the rubber electrolysis insulator.

Torque Tightening Sequence

Typical Installation

Questions & Answers

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