Leader Pumps Computerized Hydrotronic Control Model LEA-CTL-60115290

Leader Pumps Computerized Hydrotronic Control Model 60115290 (C)<br>

No longer available.

Leader Pumps Computerized Hydrotropic Control Model LEA-CTL-60115290 for surface and submersible pumps. Automatic start and stop by simply opening and closing the tap. Built-in dry running cut-off with automatic reset protection. Suitable for both surface and submersible pumps up to 32 GPM


Installation: suitable for both surface and submersible pumps Maximum Capacity: 32 GPM Minimum operating pressure: No lower than 25 PSI Electrical: Suitable for pumps with power up to 1500 W, 13 Amps 120 l/60, operating Cable: Supplied with power cable with plug and cable with socket for the connection to the pump Cut-in Pressure: 40 PSI Maximum Discharge Pressure Range: 50 PSI and 115 PSI. Reset: Manual and automatic reset. Check Valve: Built-in non return check valve


Questions & Answers

I have a red Hydrotronic control and yours is grey. What is the difference?
The red will start the pump at 25 PSI; the grey will start the pump at 40 PSI. They are interchangeable in everything else.
Why don't you sell the Red Hydrotronic control?
With the red control you have to wait for the cut-in pressure to drop to 25 PSI ...this normally creates more than a 20 PSI cut-in and cut-out differential which most customers find annoying...with the gray control the pump will start when the pressure drops to 40 PSI and will stop (like the red) when there is a no flow condition.

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