Little Giant Statuary, Ponds, Fountains, Waterfalls,
Streams and Water Gardening Pumps

Little Giant Statuary, Ponds,  Fountains, Waterfalls, Streams and Water Gardening Pumps

Little Giant PondWorks pond pumps are designed for continuous operation for table top displays, fish ponds and Koi ponds, small and large statuary, ponds, fountains, waterfalls, streams and water gardening. We offer a complete line of submersible pumps designed to operate safely and silently while completely submerged in your pond.

The size of the pump you will need will depend on how high you want your fountain to be and how much water you will need to circulate. For this reason, it is important to know the gallon capacity of your pond. The water in a basic pond should be turned at least once an hour, which means a 500 gallon pond should have at least a 500 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) pump. To calculate the gallons in your pond, follow this formula: Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 = Gallons.

Little Giant PondWorks Statuary Pond & Fountain Wet Rotor Submersible Pumps 45 to 1150  GPH <br>

Little Giant PondWorks Statuary Pond & Fountain Submersible and In-Line Water Pumps 45 to 1150 GPH. Little Giant Pumps PondWorks PES series includes pumps for table top displays, small and large statuary, ponds and fountains, waterfalls & streams and all water gardening applications.Wet Rotor design witha fully adjustable flow control

Little Giant PE Series Epoxy-Encapsulated Oil-less Motor Pumps 170 to 475 GPH

These Little Giant PE series pumps features an epoxy-encapsulated environmentally safe, oil-less motor, corrosion resistant body and radial lip seal on the motor shaft. It provides enough power to effectively operate a water garden, statuary, or tabletop fountain. In fact, it may even be used in some harsh, industrial-type applications. This "potted" pump is usually more compact in size than. For submersible use only

Little Giant Oil-filled  Motor Submersible Pumps 120 to 170 GPH

Little Giant P-AAA-WG (523375) fountain and pond submersible pump contains non-toxic mineral oil, providing continuous lubrication for maximum motor life. The 1-A(500203) small submersible oil-filled pump with epoxy coated cast aluminum housing. Is used for commercial, industrial and home applications including statuary fountains, water displays, air conditioners, machine tool coolants, and many other applications where liquid must be transferred or recirculated.

Little  Giant Submersible / Inline Dual Purpose Pumps 300 GPH to 500 GPH <br>

Little Giant 300 GPH to 500 GPH fountain and pond submersible or inline water pumps. Dual purpose, operate outside in-line (not submersed) or submersed in the water. These wet-rotor pump, often referred to as a magnetic-drive pump by other manufacturers, utilizes an epoxy encapsulated motor and plastic housing. The water being pumped surrounds the rotor, thus the term "wet rotor". It is seal-less and oil-less.

Fountain, Waterfall & Stream Submersible Water Pumps 1200 To 4280 GPH<br>

Little Giant Pumps fountain, waterfall & stream submersible water pumps 1200 To 4280 GPH. Little Giant PondWorks waterfall and stream pumps are environmentally safe and corrosion-resistant. They let you create a variety of fountains, reservoir features, streams, and watercourses while boosting oxygenation for life below the water.

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