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Oasis Pump Troubleshooting

IF handle continues to pump easy with little or no resistance (pumps air) and does not prime: PROBLEM is a hole or leak (bad connection) in the suction pipe, above the water level. Be sure suction pipe is submerged.IF handle pumps hard (back-pressure) and delivers little or no volume: PROBLEM is suction or intake is obstructed (well point or screen plugged/stopped-up) or lift exceeds 20 ft.A common problem with small diameter driven, or screened wells is a plugged well point or screen. For example let us say we have a 2 in. driven well 30 ft. in depth with what appears to be a static water level of 10 ft. this would indicate we have plenty of water. But if we have a plugged point/screen this condition may prevent the water reaching true static level, which we will say in this example, is 18 ft. A good way to check this is to pour water in the well pipe to the surface, if it stands full or goes down very slowly well point is plugged (stopped up or sealed off). If the water goes down rapidly or you cannot fill the pipe, the well point is open and should produce water .TO CORRECT this condition (plugged well point/screen) pull pipe and replace point/screen or acid treat well. Note: On many applications it is desirable to use a foot valve with an intake strainer on the drop , pipe. This creates positive prime and prevents undesirable material from entering suction pipe. Performance and ease of prime win be improved if the internal check valve assembly in the pump is removed when using a foot valve. When pumps are to be used in this manner they may be ordered with-out the internal check valve.

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