Oasis Pump Repair


  • Remove handle and link assembly (bolts are 5/16 X 1 1/2 and 5/16 X 2 and may be replaced with any common/standard bolt) Remove 2 cap screws
  • Place the mounting cap lug in a vise with pump body in a horizontal position (a cloth or rag should be used on the jaws of vise to prevent marking the lug)
  • In the field if no vise is available this may be accomplished by inserting a screwdriver or other tool through the bolt hole in lug and holding by hand
  • With lug held securely place both hands on pump body turn counter clockwise pulling body away from cap.
  • Note: Model No Wl has no "0" ring and cap will remove easily with a turn and pull motion Model No WP2 has an "0" ring seal and fit tightly.
  • With cap and plunger assembly removed place flat head of plunger rod in a vise using cloth for protection. Again a screwdriver may be used by inserting through the hole in plunger rod.
  • Holding plunger rod place, a wrench or pliers on the bottom plunger nut, turn counter clockwise to remove. Pull plunger components off rod observing order of assembly.
  • Use any socket extension (minimum length 10") and a 7/16 socket.
  • Hold or secure extension in a vertical position (socket up) and place pump body up-side down over socket.
  • Locate hex head on check in the socket, with wrench or pliers remove check valve nut turning counter clockwise.
  • With check valve assembly removed seating ring can be replaced by pulling it off the poppet (slip fit).
  • In reverse order, out on check valve should be flush with end of stem.
  • Do Not run top nut on plunger rod past the threads.
  • Align location pin on plunger valves With this assembly in proper order tighten the bottom nut "snug" do not over tighten.
  • Place the bottom of pump body on a flat, solid surface and insert plunger assembly with cap.
  • Be careful to align cap with body to prevent damage to "0" ring. With a turning motion press down until cap is seated.
  • Align cap screw holes in body with those in the cap.

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